I have a bunch of bookmarks in my laptop, I know I can copy ~/.gtk-bookmarks to my desktop

But i have to re-entry all the passwords for ftp, ssh, etc...

Is there a way i could restore the bookmarks along with theirs respective passwords.

My username/id is the same in both computers and both keyrings are unlocked on login.

Any help?

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I believe these are stored in the Gnome Keyring with no technical connection to bookmarks. Try copying ~/.gnome2/keyrings from your old home directory to restore the entire keyring.

You can use Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys afterwards to clean up any old passwords you don't use anymore.

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    I did this, but have no luck. I guess I could backup and restore the keyrings only in the same machine. Even when i could see the passwords in Gnome Keyring, nautilus kept asking me for passwords to open the bookmarks – Cesar Sep 20 '10 at 1:13

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