I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. I am trying to open a TTY screen, but when I press Ctrl+Alt+F1-F6, the only thing that happens is the mouse cursor disappears, nothing else no black screen. If I press Ctrl+Alt+F7, I get the cursor back.

I am using Ubuntu 13.10. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes. I've run vbeinfo from the grub command-prompt. In my case, I'm running Ubuntu Server within VMware Workstation AND I'm interested in 800x600 and vbeinfo shows that 800x600x32 is available. So, I edit /etc/default/grub thus


save it, run 'sudo update-grub' and 'sudo reboot'. The Grub portion of the loader changes to 800x600, but quickly reverts to 640x480 as Ubuntu Server starts up.

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