I installed MAAS(Computer 1) and Juju(Computer 2) with router. I checked that both of installation is complete. But, It didn't work any juju operation(status, deploy, etc..). Maybe, MAAS server can't find juju node.

In router, It attached MAAS server and Juju node. However, juju node's name isn't shown in router's internal network status page. For example,

192.168.x.x(maas) <---MAAS node

192.168.x.x <---juju node

I guess this problem. Can you help this problem?


The MAAS server shouldn't need to see the machine where juju is installed; instead, the machine running juju needs to be configured to use the MAAS server.

Please note that there's an error on that page: you almost certainly want to omit the admin-secret and default-series settings in the environments.yaml file.

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