I know there are tons of post about this already and i have read most of them. but still they don't answer my question.

As said above i am trying to create a bootable usb pen with ubuntu 12 on it i have use the linux usb creator

got a error that it's unable to boot the kernel

i used LILI

got a error that it's unable to boot the kernel

i renanemd some files on the stick

got a error that it's unable to boot the kernel

and i know the stick ( intenso 32 gb ) is up to the job there was a backtrack version on it before

but even with that i had loads of troubel there was one post that solved my problem but i can't find that post anymore

it was about creating a active partition on the usb pen so the computer would see it as a hard drive en then installing linux on it like i would install it on a hd.

i can't even find a live cd version that i download and can run of cd (' don't have a checksum program anymore on my windows) i am running windows 8

looking forward to your replies

kind regards Nigel


A few things you could try if you haven't already:

  • you can try Unetbootin, an other program to make live usb sticks for multiple linux distros

  • you can try to re download your immage in case your download is corrputed

  • if you have an other USB laying arround you can check whether that one works (if only to see where the problem is at.

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