I was trying to make a bootable flash drive from the startup disk creator, and when I went to erase the flash drive I accidentally erased the wrong drive, a 1TB removable drive.

The operation took less than a second and gave no warning. I tried erasing the flash drive and it took about a minute, but it took but a second to erase the 1 TB drive, which is very surprising.

I followed the following steps mentioned in this answer, but they did not work. After pressing P, testdisk just shows some files with garbage names.

Please help me to recover my data.


11. [P] for list files and look if it seems it
12. [q] to quit list files
13. [Enter]
14. Write to save new partition table to MBR.

P only shows you the files, not recover them. You have to press q then Enter and then write the partition table. That's all!

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