I am newbie to mounting, but already used ubuntu on a user level. I have installed Ubuntu with an XBMC and wanted to mount my timecapsule as well so I can manipulate the data on it. What I tried until now to mount it (from google & internet) using

sudo mkdir /mnt/TC


sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/TC -o User=htpc Pass=XXXXXX

I also tried to add sec=ntlm, that didn't work.

I am getting an error(22) here and even going through the manpages, I wasn't enlighted. Strangely enough the access from XBMC workings fine on the SMB share...

Thanks for your help,


This is coming rather late, but I believe options are comma separated. Try

sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/TC -o user=htpc,pass=xxxx,sec=ntlm

with lower case and the comma.


  • In sudo mount.cifs //, use Data or the name you've given to your timecapsule. This depends on whether you've activated the separation between disk and users.
  • If you've used characters like ! or ^ in your password, then you'll need to put the whole option within quotes, like so: -o 'user=htpc,pass=xxxx,sec=ntlm'
  • Use sec=ntlm or sec=ntlmv2 depending of your version of timecapsule

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