Some minutes ago I gained "restar to updates take effect"(don't remember exectly the words). But I didn't see update program window. I by my self runing this program. Result: last information about updates - 1 day ago. May be it becouse my time 00:44 AM. But no settings allow to install updates without my "last word". But i have installed gnome more settings(themes and icons and... So wher i can find information about -- What was update?

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The package manager keeps logs in /var/log/apt. You can see changes made with:

cd /var/log/apt
cat history.log

Depending on how long since the upgrade, the relevant entries may have been compressed to save space. The /var/log/apt directory will contain archived log files named history.log.X.gz where larger values of X mean older log files. You can read the compressed log files using zcat without needing to manually uncompress them:

cd /var/log/apt
zcat history.log.1.gz

You should see lines like

Upgrade: package1:arch (oldversion, newversion), package2:arch (oldversion, newversion)...

from which it should be fairly easy to see what was upgraded recently.

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