Just got Nattey Narwhal on my laptop yesterday and thought of using U1 cloud with my netbook instead of good old scp. Just copied the required stuff into /home/username/Ubuntu One in my netbook and was expecting to see the stuff synced in the desktop right away. Nothing of that sort. Almost two hours later I get a popup saying that the files are getting downloaded. How long does it take on average?


There are a couple options for getting more info to help you determine how long your sync is taking.


From the command line you can get the number of items in the queue with this command run in the terminal:

u1sdtool --waiting | wc -l

Overtime the number will get smaller as files are uploaded/downloaded.


Magicicada Screenshot

There is also a project called Magicicada that is a GUI for the Ubuntu One syncdaemon. It allows you to connect/disconnect and see the queue. You can install it with these commands in a terminal.

add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository  ppa:chicharreros/ppa

Then install:

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install magicicada

You can launch the application by opening the Dash and typing 'Magi'. In pre Natty releases you can launch the application by going to Applications > Accessories > Magicicada


Its going to take awhile depending on how many files you have(size doesn't matter). I myself, synced my Music folder(14gb) to U1. At first it seemed as if there were errors but then I googled around. If you want to see progress on files being uploaded go to synaptic or apt-get(which ever you prefer and install "magicicada". Like I said, 14gb Music folder took me almost 2 days. But magicicada let me see progress.

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