Since Banshee became the default player in Natty, I want to import my playlists from Rhythmbox. Banshee offers an 'import playlists' feature but it does not recognize Rhythmbox's playlists (in folder home/user/.local/share/rhythmbox).


The ~/.local/share/rhythmbox playlists are on a playlists.xml file. I think Banshee can't import .xml files, but .pls files, wich are the default Rhythbox playlists format when you SAVE them.

So I believe you have to install Rhythmbox, save every playlist and then, import them from Banshee. I might be wrong, but I think it's the only option.


You need to export your playlist from Rhythmbox to a file (in .m3u or .pls format) before you can import this file in Banshee.

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