I use Workrave for RSI prevention and rest breaks. [*] Sometimes I need to put it in Quiet or Suspended mode, for example when giving a presentation. However, it remembers this setting the next time I log in, and I might forget to put it back.

How can I make Workrave always start in Normal mode?

[*] It starts up every time I log in, but I can't remember/find how I did this.


Workrave does not have this functionality built-in. Instead, you will have to create a trigger to achieve this. You can do this by adding the following command to Startup Applications:

dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.workrave.Workrave /org/workrave/Workrave/Core org.workrave.CoreInterface.SetOperationMode string:'normal'

Regarding login behaviour, Workrave always starts when you log in, there is no option for it to do otherwise. You could achieve the effect of it not starting by setting it to Suspended on startup:

dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.workrave.Workrave /org/workrave/Workrave/Core org.workrave.CoreInterface.SetOperationMode string:'suspended'

(Note I am using Cuttlefish (see also Launchpad project) to make these calls rather than Startup Applications, but the results should be the same.)

There are existing requests to implement this functionality:


In theory you can also use dconf to set these values as follows (0 - Normal, 1 - Suspended, 2 - Quiet):

dconf write /org/workrave/general/operation-mode 0

However, there is a bug preventing this from working in Workrave This has been fixed for the next release.

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Sadly workrave doesn't have such option. You should find out where you put the autostart and disable it (or just remember that you have it):


Workrave does not take any options besides the standard GNOME options.

(workrave man)

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  • it looks like you can use gsettings or ~/.workrave/workrave.ini to set/store settings - I'm thinking I can write a script - but I haven't found a definitive list of settings yet – lofidevops Dec 4 '13 at 9:18

Is so simple, I crossed for the same, you have to remember that the icon changes, you will not see the sheep, you see something like a door, click on it, and a window will display with many options, click on option mode and change to start.

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