Any resources/collections/repositories for Unity themes?
Is there any chance is Metacity themes will be supported, at least in terms of window controls and window borders?


Check out this article on OMGUbuntu. This solution may be useful for the moment.



The Unity menubar can be themed through GTK+3 and CSS by creating sections for UnityPanelWidget and .unity-panel.

The window controls as seen in the Unity menubar can easily be themed. The folder for a theme which alters them will have a unity folder inside it at the top, and inside it will need image files with the following names:

  • close.png
  • close_focused_prelight.png
  • close_focused_pressed.png
  • minimize.png
  • minimize_focused_prelight.png
  • minimize_focused_pressed.png
  • unmaximize.png
  • unmaximize_focused_prelight.png
  • unmaximize_focused_pressed.png

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