Packard Bell computers seem to have an issue installing Ubuntu. To get it to actually load the installation disk I had to go into the bios settings and boot settings and change type to legacy and turn off secure boot.

I have a te69kb with amda4 5000.

Once I got it loading I clicked install, but it did not recognize any partitions. I installed anyway and wiped the disk. Once it was done I restarted it and once it got past the bios I got an error. It said: kvm disabled by bios. It then gives me a terminal and prompts me to log in. When I do I type startx and that fails and gives me a final error of no windows.

  • Had the same problem. The kvm error was unrelated to the graphics issue. I tried ubuntu 14.04 and graphics worked for me. However the kvm error still happens. The bios has no option I can find for virtualisation. Since I also accidentally wiped windows I cannot install the bios update (it comes as a windows executable) – user271926 Apr 21 '14 at 12:30

The "kvm disabled by bios" error is a know error and according to this page you should be able to fix your problem by enabling it in the bios

"KVM: disabled by BIOS" error Check if there is an option to enable it in the BIOS. If not, look for a more recent BIOS on the vendor's web site.


On some hardware (e-g HP nx6320), you need to power-off/power-on the machine after enabling virtualization in the BIOS.

Enabling some BIOS features may break VT support on some hardware (e-g Enabling Intel AMT on a Thinkpad T500 will prevent kvm-intel from loading with "disabled by bios")

On some Dell hardware, you also need to disable "Trusted Execution", otherwise VT will not be enabled.

if that doesn't work try re-installing you linux (comment if that does not work either)

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