I'm using 13.04.3 LTS on a desktop machine. Whenever I lock the screen, the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds, but then shows the login screen again. It never actually switches off (the power-saving light never comes on).

gnome-screensaver appears to be running:

misha@misha-antec:~$ pidof gnome-screensaver

Also, while the screen idle timeout is set to 1 minute, the screen never goes blank or switches off, even when idle for long periods of time.

How can I get my screen to switch off when locked? How can I get the monitor to switch off after it has been idle for some time?

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The problem was one (or combination of):

  • I had VLC running (idling, it wasn't actually playing anything) in the background. VLC was preventing the screensaver from activating)
  • I had DPMS timeouts set to zero (check with xset dpms q). I set these to non-zero values: xset dpms 0 0 600 (10 minute timeout)

It all works as expected now.

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