Earlier I used to activate Bangla (Unijoy) layout from ibus preference. Accessed ibus Keyboard Input Methods, ibus preference would only show up a handful of chinese scripts. I had to install "ibus-m17n" to get the whole package which included the unijoy layout.

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However, starting 13.10, I can't find the ibus preference/Keyboard Input Method screen at all. It's been replaced by text entry field, where there are Bengali layouts but not Unijoy. Terminal shows that ibus is installed but I can't bring up the front-end. I even installed ibus-m17n but still the unijoy layout doesn't show up.

enter image description here

I know it wouldn't matter for a lot of people here since it's just a local language, but I need it. I'm a journalist and run a few bilingual websites where I need to write a lot -- that includes Bangla and English. I must write Bangla using the layout that I -- and a lot of people over here -- am familiar with most.


Okay guys I found the solution:

Running ibus-setup from the terminal brings up the preferences window that I have been missing. :)

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  • Please mark this question as solved and this answer as the accepted answer. :) – Carolus Apr 10 at 9:54

Try the steps this guy laid out here... Hope this helps. :)


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  • Thanks Chris, I did everything this guy said, but still Unijoy isn't showing up. I left a comment on this post. Hope he finds out fast. Thanks for the link. – aisajib Nov 26 '13 at 14:01

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