i bought a computer with Ubuntu from a pawn shop not knowing that it had this OS can someone tell me how i can get past the authenticate code screen because I'm tired of getting the update stuff when i try to do things.

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    You either ask the one that sell you the system or reinstall Ubuntu. – Braiam Nov 25 '13 at 0:29

Unless you need data stored on this used machine, or the machine comes with a custom configuration for special tasks, it is strongly advisable to remove the preinstalled OS for the following security reasons:

  • User name and password of the administrator account are different to your needs.
  • Administrator credentials are known to other people.
  • Individual configuration of the machine is unknown.
  • There is no guarantee that the machine comes without malicious software.
  • Partitioning may be different to your needs.
  • The OS may not be up to date.

Reinstalling a fresh and untouched ("vanilla") Ubuntu is very easy and should not take you more than 30 Minutes:

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