I'm using Ubuntu 13.10, and this problem occurs after updating from 13.04:

I'm starting ubuntu, the keyboard layout is set to german, what I need. But while working, it can change random to the englisch layout.

When this occurs, I must only type Str+Alt+F1 to switch to the console and then Str+Alt+F7 to switch back, and the tastatur works well as nothing has happened. What can be the problem?

(I have deactivate switching to other keyboard layouts with Super+Space)

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Ok, I solved the problem.

You must add the command:

setxkbmap de

in the Autostart of the User.

Adding Autostart in Ubuntu

To open a menue for that in Ubuntu, you must type the command:


And now you can add the command in the list


In Ubuntu 13.10 or Later. This work better then setxkbmap with Gnome/Unity keyboard layout indicator.

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources current 0

0 is the layout index (0 default or top layout). Layouts indexed starting from 0.

So you can create a keyboard shortcut for any layout you want using tweak tools, gnome actions, compiz actions plugin, ...

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