cannot install windows7 (dual boot) after installing ubuntu12.04. I want to install windows7 currently i have ubuntu12.04. I want to dual boot unetbootin does not work. I have ubnutu12.04 currently installed please tell me the steps to install windows along side enter image description here

this is what happens and it does not boot automatically even after timeout


depending on your technical proficiency, please do take heed of the


  1. Install gparted.
  2. Partition your drive/s to take windows (read up on gparted if you are technophobic)
  3. backup your grub partition (read up on this before loading the new windows partition)
  4. reboot with the windows set up disk and install
  5. boot with our backed up OD on the USB key (with your backed up grub!)
  6. boot into the repair section
  7. do "grub update"
  8. do the fsk
  9. do the update
  10. drop into root shell
  11. start gdm (of whichever window manager you are using - if its 12.04 this is probably fine if it fails try the others LightDm /kde etc)
  12. log in and do the grub update thingy using term again to be sure.
  13. reboot.

Some times this doesnt work so make sure you read up on how to probe for the OS using the OS prober..

Good luck and remember



Using the winusb software in ubuntu,you can make a bootable windows usb.Run the below commands in terminal to install winusb,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:colingille/freshlight
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install winusb

After creating the windows live usb,boot from it and install windows 7alongside with ubuntu by selecting the appropriate ntfs partition.

To install windows alongside with ubuntu,please refer this or this.

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