I have an FTP Backup Server in Hetzner with details

Backup Server: u*****.your-backup.de

I am trying to connect to it through my ubuntu server using command

$ ftp u*****.your-backup.de

and i see ftp> then trying to upload my Postgresql Database backup file using command

ftp> put /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb.backup 
local: /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb.backup remote: /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb.backup
200 EPRT command successful
550 /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb.backup: No such file or directory
ftp> put /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/
local: /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/ remote: /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/
/home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/: not a plain file.
ftp> put /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb
local: /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb remote: /home/saksham/Dropbox/backup/rajedb
local: /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb: No such file or directory

Now my question is: How do i take backup of my files in hetzner server? and how do i download them when ever required?. and I want to take backup of my files for every 30minutes or 1hour.



Yo need to define the remote Directory. Your command tries to put the file on /home/myhomedir/Dropbox/backup/ but this directory doesn't exist on the remote backup server.


put /home/*myhomedir*/Dropbox/backup/rajedb.backup /

(See the last trailing slash?). That should work.

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