I have the following setup.

Local -- server A -- server B

I need to scp, ssh from Local to B. What I do now is I scp/ssh to A and then from A to B.I would like to know how to setup portforwarding, so i can do ssh to a specific port and i driectly reach server B


This sounds like a job for a reverse SSH tunnel.

I'm assuming from your question that Server B is on a network behind a firewall you don't have control over- in this case port-forwarding on the router wouldn't be possible. (If you do, you might want to look at going that route).

In a reverse tunnel, you tunnel the connection to B via the publicly accessible A. To do this, you SSH from B -> A with a port-forward specified on the command line.

    ssh -f user@server-a -L 2222:server-a:22 -N

Then SSH from Local -> A with your forwarded port specified:

    ssh -p 2222 user@server-a

... which would connect you to server B.


You might also want to use autossh if you want to automatically create and keep open your connection.


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