I installed Lubuntu 13.10, and I'm observing a different behavior of xmodmap than in previous versions. I have a ~/.Xmodmap file that maps the Caps Lock key to the Ctrl key. Executing modmap ~/.Xmodmap works as expected. However, the .Xmodmap file is ignored during the login process. In another machine with Lubuntu 13.04 the .Xmodmap is read automatically during the login process.

I tried adding a line to /home/ajw/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart that call a script that set the xmodmap, but this is ignored.

According to this link, somewhere during the login process the xmodmap setting is undo by a call to setxkbmap.

Any idea about how to set xmodmap automatically in Lubuntu 13.10?

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I had similar problems using Ubuntu, but I solved them using the sleep command. This way any other processes won't undo my Xmodmap.

My startup command: sh -c 'sleep 2 && /usr/bin/xmodmap /home/username/.Xmodmap'

And this (How to add startup applications in lubuntu?) might help.

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