Is there an application in Ubuntu which is like Huawei Mobile Partner, i. e. an application to manage broadband USB dongle modems? The application should provide:

  1. Display bandwidth
  2. SMS facility
  3. Make Connection and Disconnection
  4. Show Used Data Volume per given period

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Modem Manager GUI

modem-manager-gui is a complete solution to manage and monitor mobile network based modems. Some of its features include:

  • In addition to Display Bandwidth and SMS, it has USSD support too.
  • Can manage (Stop or Start) the processes that use bandwidth.

For a complete list of features, visit the official homepage. It is available on Ubuntu repos for Ubuntu 14.04LTS and above. To install, click here:

Modem Manager GUI App on Ubuntu Software

Or run the following command:

sudo apt install modem-manager-gui

Modem Manager GUI


V Mobile Broadband

V Mobile Broadband is the original Vodafone Mobile Connect software for Linux rewritten to be compatible with Network Manager. Vodafone is a distributer of Huawei USB modems. V Mobile Broadband is developed by Vodafone's open source Betavine Connection Manager team. For the latest developments, check out their Launchpad Page and GitHub Page

V-Mobile-Broadband is mentioned as having these functionalities:
⠀• Connection & Disconnection
⠀• SMS
⠀• Display Bandwidth
⠀• Display Data Usage

Unfortunately, V Mobile Broadband is not available in Ubuntu Software Center yet. You'll have to install it from PPA. To add the PPA, run these commands in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:crass/v-mobile-broadband
sudo apt-get update

After successfully adding the PPA, click here to install v-mobile-broadband Install v-mobile-broadband
Or, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install v-mobile-broadband

Warning: v-mobile-broadband depends on wader, which replaces Ubuntu's default modemmanager. So, if you encounter any problem with the new setup and decide to uninstall v-mobile-broadband, don't forget to reinstall modemmanager package.

V Mobile Broadband


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