I would like to run a KVM guest from a tty without any X server or graphical elements running.

  • What command do I use to do this if it's possible?
  • Will running the command give different results in Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server?
  • How would I exit from the guest once it's running?

NB I actually want to add an entry in the login menu to take me to the aforementioned guest, but I am planning to ask about that in a separate question. Please take this note into consideration if it affects anything.


You can start the guest using virsh, by simply running virsh start vmname where vmname matches the output from virsh list --all. All this does is actually start the machine, it does not connect you to it in any way.

The only way to do that would be through VNC/Serial/SSH, but all of these are configured at guest-level. You can try virsh console vmname, but I have never used this myself, so cannot vouch for its effectiveness. See also these Ubuntu instructions.

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