I installed Ubuntu 11.04 and it works fine.

But I have a little problem. I need to use Putty and it uses F10 as a shortcut to a function, but Unity intercepts it as a shrtcut, so I cannot access this function.

How I can change this shortcut in Unity?

  1. Install compizconfig-settings-manager Ubuntu Software Center.

  2. Go to 'Unity Plugin', choose General tab (the default tab)

  3. Change Key to open the first panel menu as you like to free your shortcut:

    enter image description here

Some more key bindings are in General Options, tab Key bindings. I was using CCSM, in future versions of CCSM these options can change.


Can you tell what exact software you want to have and then I may help you in better way. nevertheless you can search for system settings and there you will find keyboard shortcuts.. may be there you can change the settings.

  • The software that i use is a ERP, it's use the software putty to make a conection ssh between PHP and ssh. – Marcelo Nunes Apr 29 '11 at 16:32

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