I have setup Gitlab in ubuntu server, it's working fine. I access Gitlab by url http://123.456.789.100 and Gitlab login details


Then I wanted to set Gitlab CI for test the code before it merge. I have done with setting Gitlab CI by using the link. I have done setting up every thing except Runners. While set ssh git@<your gitlab url> in Runner I face error

ssh git@123.456.789.100

it prompts me for password

git@123.456.789.100's password:

I entered password(123456) of gitlab's that I used to enter into gitlab server, then I have this error

Permission denied please try again

But I got Gitlab CI web interface by http://123.456.789.100:8081(I did set Gitlab-ci to listen on 8081 port). Then I entered Gitlab server's username and password as admin@local.host and 123456, I got Invalid credentials.

What would be the wrong I made?

I am able to login gitlab_ci by gitlab's username and password. All I need to do is add url of gitlab server in /home/gitlab_ci/config/application.yml file and select that gitlab server's url in Gitlab_ci WebUI.

but I still getting error while do ssh git@123.456.789.100 on Gitlab_CI Runner


You have to ssh with an ubuntu user account, gitlab_ci and gitlab user account are independent of the os user accounts although some people may use the same password for both accounts.

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