I repeatedly missed mysqlid.sock file in ubuntu how can i generate this missed file , why this file always missing in ubuntu?

the error is can't connect through var/run/mysql/mysqlid.sock (2)

Because of this my software is not working.


The mysqld.sock isn't a regular file, but a socket used to connect to a running mysql instance. Because of Linux' Everything is a file philosophy, it presents like a file to te user.

A missing socket usually indicates that either the program creating that socket – mySQL or mariaDB in your case – isn't running (properly) or the program is not configured to create that socket.

You can check if mysql is running by issuing service mysqld status.

To check whether mysql is configured to create the socket you are looking for, open /etc/my.cnf with a text editor of your choice and look for a line like the following. It should be in the mysqld section of the file.


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