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I found out how to get WoW running on Ubuntu using Wine 1.5 and am able to play it (albeit somewhat slow, but that's mostly due to my hardware). It was downloading just fine and I could play without any errors.

But now that it has reached 85.5%. It refuses to download any more. It was stopped at 84.5 but I reloaded the Launcher multiple times and it moved another 1%.

I don't know why it stopped; the only thing I did was close the Launcher to resume it later (which hadn't caused problems until 84.5% downloaded). Everything loads and it seems like it is just lagging (the download speed wont show up and start downloading the game again).

Anyone know what I can do?

(Not using dual-boot with Windows, just straight Ubuntu)

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  • Are you still able to reproduce this? – Braiam Feb 20 '14 at 14:05

I got the same issue. Just remove your current wine version and install the last one 1.7. This should do the trick.

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