I'm currently trying to create a writeable folder on a ext2 drive.

I took a usb drive and formatted it to ext3 using gparted.

Then I went into terminal and wrote in

sudo mkfs.ext2 -j -I 128 /dev/...

To make it an ext2 unjournaled drive.

Now I would like to make a writeable folder on that drive.

I know I should write in the command line sudo mkdir [link to drive]

My question is, where is the drive link? the code that directs terminal to the drive? Where can i find that?

I'm working on delivering a film to a cinema in a special format.

Thank you all in advance!


When you plug in the USB drive, the filesystem should be mounted (made useable) in a folder under /media/[whatever your username is]. In 12.04 (and earlier), it's just a folder in /media.

If it is not mounted there automatically, mount it with sudo mount /dev/sdXY /path/to/mountpoint where /dev/sdXY is the partition name and /path/to/mountpoint is a convenient empty folder. To make an empty folder in /media, create a new one with sudo mkdir /media/mountpoint && sudo chown -R $USER /media/mountpoint.

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