When I use the Fn keys for volume (up, down, mute), I get a nice notification of the current volume, and everything works.

However, the panel item for volume, between battery and network, always shows the sound as muted. (Loudspeaker with two dashes.) When I click onto it, I don't get a volume slider, either. What's the matter here?


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Googling yielded this bug report:


They propose two workarounds:

1) Downgrading to install indicator-sound_12.10.2daily13.04.12-0ubuntu1_amd64 from Rapid, and

2) Restarting the thingy with killall indicator-sound-service;/usr/lib/indicator-sound-gtk2/indicator-sound-service

I have tried 2), and that works. Found the bug report through this thread, exactly the same problem:


(Off-topic, but I personally think it's a shame to mark this bug "Low Priority". Users care about things like that.)

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