Could somebody tell me what packages do I need to download to have an Apache server on my PC and to be able to use Php, JQuery, javaScript and mysql?

Thanks in advance!

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For apache2, mysql, php you can install the lamp stack by doing

sudo apt-get install tasksel

and choose to install LAMP server. This will create a working webserver with mysql and php pre-configured. You need to create your own database and tables to be used on the webserver in mysql though so installing MySQL Workbench might be useful too.

Javascript does not need packages since it is part of your browser.

jQuery is a javascript tool set. You download it and put the scripts in a directory inside your webserver. Something like /var/www/{project/}js/. You then include the jQuery files in your html.

It might also be useful to install a code editor. I am using Aptana myself but here is a long list: What developer text editors are available for Ubuntu?

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