After I installed ubuntu 11.04, it wont shutdown nor restart, it just freeze, and I have to hold the power button in order to turn off my netbook. (It also happens on livecd)

Can anyone tell me the solution for this?

  • Same thing happens to me sometimes but not always, I am then forced to do "sudo shutdown now; exit" from Terminal to ask to shutdown. – Madhava Apr 29 '11 at 3:43

This is a bug related with wireless driver. This bug has been reported in launchpad. Asolution is mentioned in Ubuntuforums post here.


What you can do as workaround is to type these commands in a terminal:

To turn the PC off : sudo shutdown -h now

To restart the PC : sudo shutdown -r now

...anyway this won't solve your problem permanently.

I noticed that when you do some stuff like mounting drives (as root) and you try to turn your PC off from a regular user, you are not allowed. Which is good in terms of security for a Server, but too secure for a Home PC.

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