I am having Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10. I have no problem with 13.04

In 13.10 I found that, when I tried to drag my window up across my standard dual-screen setup, it gets jammed/stopped when it goes as high as the top menu bar and won't go higher into my other screen that's configured from system-settings->displays to be right above the current one.

In another word, My external monitor is positioned as above my internal laptop's screen, and I'm trying to drag my window up from my laptop screen into my external monitor screen. Dragging a window in reverse direction, e.g. down from external screen to my laptop screen is totaly fine.

I disabled maximizing at top screen edge (from CCSM) but still window won't drag up through the lower screen's top edge. I thought this might be related to some kind of snapping but I don't see any options for this in compiz-config.

could this be about unity's menu bar? Or anything else?


I found your post when searching for a solution to the same problem, as I prefer my second monitor "stacked" over my laptop monitor. After fiddling around with it, I discovered that if you drag the window very quickly, it will work. If you drag it more casually, it will get stuck trying to snap/enlarge.

I've decided I like this behavior because it allows me to snap/enlarge on my lower monitor quite effortlessly, but I can still drag to the other when needed.

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    Thanks for the info. I tried it and it works for something but not everything, e.g. very large windows generally takes several tries, sometimes after 5-6 failed attempt to drag it 'up' I have to use Alt-Left-Mouse to drag window up - very uncool as it takes (1) move title-bar into 'top' screen, then (2) drag it up. .. – Bill Dec 7 '13 at 7:43

I had a similar problem, but what I found out was that the window got jammed by the other - smaller window because the window was not allowed to exit the edges of the smaller screen.

making the window smaller, or bypassing the corner - allowed me to drag it to the other window.

It is counter-intuitive, since we're used to allow windows to go beyond the screen edges, and only the mouse is supposed to be confined by the edges.
I think this behavior is a bug.

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