I'm using an old computer to make a server, it has an Intel CPU and 2GB RAM.

I made a bootable USB flash drive with Universal USB Installer, and even tried with UNetbootin. I am trying to install Ubuntu server 12.04.03 32-bit.

When I boot from the USB flash drive, I first choose the language and then I only get 3 choices, which are: "Test Memory", "Boot from first hard drive", "Rescue broken system".

Why can't I install it on my hard drive?

The hard drive is formatted and clean.

My desktop is a Compaq from maybe 2008. It has a Pentium dual core processor and had Windows Vista, so I doubt there is something wrong with the USB port itself because I can easily boot from the USB, but I don't get the option of installing anything to my hard drive, I just get those 3 options that I mentioned earlier.


If you have another computer you could try a network install i had to do this on my current machine as i had misplaced my memory stick (i then found the memory stick ....irony)

Check this out see if it helps!


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