I have a script placed in /opt/MyDir/myscript.sh which calls java, setting its directory as the classpath:

scriptdir=`dirname $0`
java -mx3g -cp "$scriptdir/*" MyApp.jar

I have created a link to this script in /usr/local/bin/myscript but if I run it, the classpath is messed up. Could anyone suggest me a workaround? How to deal in such situations? Thanks.


When you intend to use symbolic links for a script, the right way to get the real path of that script is:

# Absolute path to this script
scriptpath=$(readlink -e "$0")
# Absolute path this script is in
scriptdir=$(dirname "$scriptpath")
java -mx3g -cp "$scriptdir/*" MyApp.jar

More about: Reliable way for a bash script to get the full path to itself?

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