Regarding source controls I have experience with TFS (Team Foundation Server) and I'm working with GitHub for some of my open source projects. Now I want to setup an authenticated Git server on my own server.

I've read some guides but they seem a bit complicated to me, specially when I have to deal with authentication. I'm looking for a simple and easy to setup/manage solution for that.

For example a web package that allows me to manage users and projects on a Git server. Is there any?

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You might want to try out GitLab.

However, as far as I know, there has not been a packaged version for Ubuntu, so you'd have to carry out the installation manually, and installation may be a little intrusive (it may litter files that are not tracked by the package manager over your system). Once it's up, management is pretty much a breeze though.

To get around the "intrusive" issue, you might want to consider installing it in a VM or a Linux Container (LXC) that runs only GitLab (like an application server).


Gitosis is good Git authentication/user management software. Ive used it professionally in the past and found it easy to use and maintain. It wouldnt be difficult to set up a web based UI to manage it, as something like Gitlab is to Gitolite. See the "See also" section at the bottom of the page I've linked.


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