It worked with the pre-installed Ubuntu, but after re-installing Ubuntu dual-boot with Windows 8.1, the WiFi is not working.

Is there a driver for this adapter that will work on Ubuntu 12.04?


Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), then run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install git build-essential
git clone https://github.com/neurobin/MT7630E.git
cd MT7630E/
chmod +x install test uninstall
sudo ./install

Works like a charm for me (Asus TP300LD).

  • This works like a charm for me too, but it doesn't stick: maybe a week later I have to run all the process again. Do you know a way of doing it so I don't have to repeat the process every now and then? Thanks. (By the way, I'm on 14.04) – Miguelgondu Feb 29 '16 at 2:08
  • how do i install this wsithout wifi... – dopatraman Apr 23 '16 at 16:42
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    This solution will require to re-install the driver after each kernel upgrade. – Pilot6 Jul 29 '16 at 15:01

A better solution is to install the driver using DKMS. This way you won't need to re-install it after kernel uprades. Do it this way:

sudo apt-get install git dkms build-essential
git clone https://github.com/neurobin/MT7630E.git
cd MT7630E/
sudo make dkms
  1. Check this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1220146 and mark it as affecting you if it wasn't fixed yet.
  2. Install old 3.5 kernel (3.5.0-17 in my case)
  3. Download https://github.com/anthonywong/mt7630 , edit hardcoded kernel versions, compile it and load the modules with the load.sh

P.S. Latest Unity will not work on 3.5 so you will have to install alternative DE.


In my case (ubuntu desktop 16.04.4 LTS) this worked

Download release package from https://github.com/neurobin/MT7630E/archive/release.zip

unzip the zip file and in the unzipped directory

sudo chmod +x install
sudo ./install

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