If I close a process gameconqueror is attached to, before closing gameconqueror, the application (gameconqueror) continues to run, spamming "Failed to attach to process: No such process." Or similar error. gameconqueror cannot be sent kill through process name, nor process ID since gameconqueror doesn't use its own binary as a name for its process. Nor does it use scanmem unless it's actually scanning.


to kill a process proc type:

pkill proc

If you dont know the name of proc you can type

pkill pr

and hit tabular. You will get a list of all processes running and beginning with pr


In Terminal type

ps ax | grep gameconqueror

At the beginning in the resulting line/s there is the Process ID.

enter image description here

To kill the process, you have to enter:

sudo kill -9 <process id 1> <process id 2>

this should work also:

sudo killall -SIGKILL gameconqueror

This works for me, when I had problem with firefox and killing it

sudo killall -9 firefox-bin

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