I'm not sure this is technically the grub menu as I don't really have much knowledge with Ubuntu. But, when I boot my computer I'm given the option to boot into Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu. I've tried:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr 

but I still receive the option to boot Ubuntu. I also went to msconfig to delete Ubuntu from the boot tab but it wasn't there so I don't really know how to proceed. Any help is much appreciated.


You can remove GRUB on make default bootloader as window using Easy BCD on Windows. You can customize all bootloaders with Easy BCD


here is a good article (german) about it: .

Summarizing it in English:

Use our installation CD of Windows Vista/7/8 to delete GRUB. After selecting your language, choose repair computer. start the command prompt after the program searched existing windows installations. Type:

Bootrec /FixMbr.
Bootrec /FixBoot

GRUB will be deleted and windows will boot.

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