I installed Ubuntu 12.04 for a friend of mine and she often complains about freezes. I never saw these freezes myself, so I can only give the description she gave me:

  • it happens when switching between multiple instances of an application via Unity’s Launcher
    • after the click at the Launcher, she sees a preview of all running instances; when selecting one, it zooms in, and then Ubuntu freezes
  • it happens for Evince and LibreOffice (but it’s rare that she opens several instances of any other programs)
  • if it freezes, she is still able to switch to the virtual terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1)
  • but: it can’t be reproduced; some days it doesn’t happen, some days it happens 3 times per hour

For a long time it happened with LibreOffice only, so I searched for possible solutions and disabled anti-aliasing; after this it never crashed again when switching LibreOffice instances, but it’s not a long time ago and so it might just be luck.

Any idea what could cause this resp. how to fix it?

Anything I could do to investigate it? The problem, as I said, is that it never happened when I was around; and we never managed to reproduce it.


My desktop was freezing up and when it would wake up it would be in another place. I think your girl friend is having the same problem.The fix for me since never wanting my machine to go to sleep was to edit /etc/defaults/acpi-support and change the line to SUSPEND_METHODS="none". Good Luck, hope this helps....


More than two years ago, I switched to Unity 2D, after which the problem never occurred again.

I don’t know what the problem with Unity (3D) is.

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