I freshly installed Ubuntu with lighttpd; I want to add a test file to check if my server works or not.

I am, however, unable to create files: when I right clicked and opened the "Permissions" tab I don't have any options which can be changed, everything is grayed out and it says root is the owner to the files.

How do I set the appropriate permissions?

  • Where do you want to create folders?
    – Pilot6
    Jun 7, 2015 at 13:22

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Where do you want to create a new folder?

By the way, always you can do as root by running a command in terminal by using Sudo:

sudo mkdir you_folder_name

If you want to change the ownership of the folder, use:

chown <new owner's user name>[:group] <folder>.

To recursively assign new ownership on a folder and it's contents, Use chown -R <new owner's user name>:[group] <folder>


Facing same due to Windows as second OS

Check your partition number in which you face issue...and then use ntfsfix command enter image description here (In my case you can see SecondHardDisk shows /dev/sda5 and mount button on the right. So, 5 is my partition number, find yours)

sudo fdisk -l
sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda5

Then simplily mount hardrive


if you want to create new folder you can log in as root.

sudo -s

and create new folder where do you want. Or you can try this command:

sudo mkdir folder_name

Boot Windows and run filesystem checks on the NTFS partitions. Make sure you shutdown Windows completely, unmounting all file systems.

Linux can't mount NTFS partitions if Windows is (semi-)hibernated.

  • How did you conclude that OP's issue related to an NTFS instance or that Windows is installed on the same machine? -1 Aug 26, 2017 at 8:55

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