I have managed to get a user-mode-linux kernel compiled. Now I can debug a kernel as a regular user process and track how it works. This I can do using gdb but I'm much more used to visual debuggers and want to see and work with the code without needing to learn gdb commands. Is there a good wrapper for gdb where I can control and see the code at the same time. I don't need an ide since I am not really changing the code. I have tried ddd but it is really slow and the interface is non-standard.


You can run gdb under emacs and it will track the source code in the other window. You can also open watch windows and such. It also has a bunch of other features that can make reviewing the code easier, such as tags tables which allow you to quickly jump directly to the definition of a given function, and the mark ring, which allows you to jump to one place, review the code a bit, then tap C-x C-x to jump back to where you came from.

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