I want to create a USB stick or CD with Ubuntu Live but when I go to Startup Disk Creator the place where you choose the disk is blank even though I have a good clean CD-R in the CD drive. Do I need something other than CD-R to do this. I was able to put it on a USB stick without a problem, and it said it was ready to boot from, but when I tried to boot from the stick it kept saying over and over "VesaMenu.C32: Not a COM32R Image" Then on the next line Boot. I didn't know what to enter after the word Boot.

  • I have a USB stick with an older version of Ubuntu and when I put that in and press F9 (to change to boot from USB) it goes through the language and keyboard setup but then asks for a CD to be placed in the CD drive. It accesses the USB stick but then wants a CD ?? – Richard Lawrence Nov 10 '13 at 14:56
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    probably you are using too old distribution Ubuntu what version it is ? – Waqas Nov 10 '13 at 15:03

VesaMenu.C23 is a GRUB boot file. The GRUB installation may have been corrupted.

If you are trying to burn an iso to live disc, look at these instructions from Ubuntu. If you are trying to create a live disc from your current installation, look at this thread about remastersys.

A more specific question would help get a more specific answer, if these suggestions don't help...

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