I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and if I have already created ext4 ./ (partition) and on the same volume I have ./home

If I create a separate partition ./home will the software that I install for example from Ubuntu Download Center will automatically go to ./home (partition) or still ./ (root) ?

I'm using PlayOnLinux and Wine and all its software only installs to ./home (file system disk) where emulated copy of Windows Xp installed also and it's a lack of space.


Wine installs all the stuff in ~/.wine which translate to $HOME/.wine or /home/user/.wine. You cannot use systems (anything that's not /home) for installing wine application (or more like, you will end up messing up, so please not). You may want to create a new partition and mount it in your /home/user/.wine directory instead:

After you have created the new ext4 partition, run sudo blkid, it will show something like:

/dev/sda1: UUID="bf554a2f-a035-4c22-bca8-162def35a03c" TYPE="ext4" 
/dev/sda2: UUID="3962db06-3776-4f38-8ab9-eab6feeccc1d" TYPE="ext4" 

Lets assume sda2 is your new partition, edit /etc/fstab and add the following entry:

UUID=3962db06-3776-4f38-8ab9-eab6feeccc1d /home/user/.wine ext4 defaults 0 0

Of course, change user for your actual username. Done.


I'm not really sure what you're actually asking, but playonlinux itself is installed by the package manager to /usr/whatever or some similar directory, so on the partition where your / is mounted. The different wine versions and windows applications are installed into /home/username/.PlayOnLinux (.wine if you use wine directly without playonlinux).

You can move the .PlayOnLinux or .wine directory whereever you like (as long as the permissions stay the same) and then create a symbolic link to it.

For example if you move your .Playonlinux directory to /mnt/data/ you can create a symbolic link with the following command:

ln -s /mnt/data/.PlayOnLinux ~/.PlayOnLinux

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