I exported my my iTunes playlists to .m3u files before I got rid of Windows 7 completely.

Now I would like to import the playlists into Rhythmbox, but can't. My playlists contain Windows file names (e.g. D:\music....) instead of Linux file names (e.g. /mnt/music....).

The music is still stored on the exact same disk and folder as it was under Windows.

I need a script to convert the file names, can anyone help?

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    Open the .m3u file in gedit and do a couple of Find-and-Replaces. Save under a different name in case you mess things up. Surely, you could write a script that substitutes path names, but, unless you have dozens of playlists, that would take up more time. – Jos Nov 9 '13 at 12:59

Ok, thanks Jos. I had a good look at the file and it is as simple as a find and replace on the original .m3u file.

  1. Replace the fist part of each filename, i.e. D:\music, with /mnt/music.

  2. Replace the remaining \ with /.

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