Is there a possibility to enter the terminal mode accessible with Ctrl+Alt+F1 with a bash command so that I can tell a script to do so?


Since you intend to use a command in a script, you probably want to use something that doesn't need root privileges to be ran as 'chvt' or 'openvt' .

That's why you may prefer xdotool Install xdotool. After you have installed, you can use the following command to simulate this shortcut input Ctrl+Alt+F1:

xdotool key Ctrl+Alt+F1

Command for changing virtual terminals is named chvt. In gnome-terminal:

$ sudo chvt 1

Here is an exmplanation why do you need sudo: https://superuser.com/questions/69807/why-does-chvt-work-fine-as-a-regular-user-on-a-virtual-terminal-but-not-under-x

In a virtual terminals 1-6 root privileges aren't needed.

To run a command on another virtual terminal you can use openvt:

$ sudo openvt -s pwd

More examples and explanation here: http://www.ae.iitm.ac.in/pipermail/ilugc/2008-December/045004.html

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