I have Ubuntu 13.10 installed in a laptop but don’t feel very happy with it so I want to try other distros. I know I didn’t do it well because I delete windows at the time of the installation, I was really fed up about the slow it was. I didn’t make any partition while installing ubuntu, it is possible to overwrite the other OS? would any remain any rest of Ubuntu? Tks

  • Why not just install over where ubuntu is.... – Alvar Nov 8 '13 at 8:50

You can install almost most(if not all), the same way most people install ubuntu 13.10. Make a Pendrive from an USB-stick or burn a installation DVD.

Steps to create a pendrive S1: Download the ISO of your preffered distro

S2: Create a pendrive using tools such as Universal USB Installer to "mount" the iso on usb-stick.

S3: plug in the usb-stick

S4: reboot

S5: Select the usb-stick as the "Boot-source" from your BIOS

S6: the rest of the installation will explain itself.(select something like "erase ubuntu 13.10" if it appears)

Steps to burn a dvd same as pendrive but with the word dvd instead of usb-stick, except for #2 where you will need to burn the iso in a dvd using standard iso-tools.

Good Luck!

  • Boot another distro's live cd or usb,but don't install it.Then connect to the internet.

  • Open the terminal(ctrl+alt+t),run the below command to install gparted

    sudo apt-get install gparted && sudo gparted

    After gparted opened,format the partition(Select the partition->Right click on it-> Format to->ext4)in which you want to overwrite.

  • Then install the os to the formatted ext4 partition(Note ubuntu must be installed to ext4 partition)

  1. Put distro of your choice on USB
  2. Reboot
  3. Enter boot options at start up.It shows computer logo. For me I press F12 some are F2 . It varys from computer to computer
  4. search for your USB
  5. hit enter on usb
  6. should run from there.

You will have a choice to install or test it out. I have Ubuntu 12.10 and didn't like the Unity interface at all. I almost uninstalled , but found out about GNOME and love it. I installed linux mint on my friends computer because he contracted the FBI warning virus since I didn't know how to get it off and he loves it.


Complicadisimo. Yo instalé UBUNTU en mi PC de escritorio. Me estropeó dos discos rigidos (1). Ahora me quedó la opción de Windows ó UBUNTU y no quiero saber mas nada ni del nombre UBUNTU. Quiero que desaparezca por completo de mi vida. (1), UBUNTU, obviamente tiene muchas ventajas y otras desventajas respecto a otros sistemas operativos. Pero la peor desventaja que le veo, es la falta de instrucciones puntuales, concretas y objetivas por parte de quienes lo producen. No me alcanza con que sea open source y gratis si luego, por la falta de instrucción, pierdo datos muy importantes que para recuperarlo me significan tres días de pérdida de mi trabajo, tiempo y mi PC encendida con todos los riesgos que ello supone por cortes de energía y otros riesgos importantes. Es muy probable, que la pérdida de información haya sido de mi responsabilidad y no de UBUNTU. Sin embargo, si UBUNTU me hubiese enseñado con suficiente claridad de que manera hacer las cosas, me daba la opción de instalarlo bien, ó descartar la idea de LINUX. Ahora, me obliga a descartar para siempre esa opción y quizás esto sea injusto.

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