Hi everyone i just downloaded a download accelerator skdownloader for Firefox 4, i installed the program alright but now I'm stuck at installing the accompanying add on .xpi for the program to be compatible with Firefox. In Windows all i had to do was open the .xpi with Firefox and it will automatically install as an add on. How do i install the .xpi in Ubuntu?


Drag'n'drop from Nautilus or whatever else to Firefox window should work too (any tab, doesn't need to be addon manager).

This way is somewhat faster if you already have found .xpi file.


Go to tools>addons (or open addons from the firefox button, or type about:addons in your address bar and press enter).

  • Now, click on the button:

    enter image description here

  • And click install addon from file:

    enter image description here

  • Then locate your addon in the file manager and install it :)!

You can just open FireFox and then drag the *.xpi File to the fireFox Browser, then it will automatically open the *.xpi file.

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