I have a Buffalo router running dd-wrt (came stock from the factory with it). I have a DHCP static lease setup for my computer which dual boots Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10. When running Windows, there is no problem getting the IP address I assigned in the static lease. However, when booting Ubuntu, it refuses to get the IP address I assigned and just gets the first available dhcp address. Obviously the mac address is the same and the hostname is also set the same though I don't think hostname is used by the router. This is not just isolated to one Ubuntu machine on my network. My usual fix it to just configure the Ubuntu machine with a fixed ip address that matches the static lease address, but I found on this machine that is causing a problem with ssh connections dropping every few minutes (different issue, different question to come).

So, why does it seem every Ubuntu machine I have won't get the static lease address automatically and is there something I can do to fix it?

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Turns out there was a NAS box on my network that had it's dhcp server turned on. My Ubuntu machines were getting their dhcp addresses from the NAS instaed of the router.

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