Today I've installed a new Asus RT-N10E router, as I switched from DSL to a cable ISP. Honestly, I can't recall which security settings I used on the previous one. Thing is, that's I want it to be WPA2 Personal (with AES, that an only option in my router); WPA-TKIP works at about 50 Mb/s but I want the better 60 Mb/s throughput and security of WPA2-AES. Windows XP and both phones connect to the WLAN correctly. My Ubuntu 13.10 with Broadcom STA driver (BCM4313) also connects to the network, at least the indicator says so, but I can't access the internet w/ WPA2-AES.

I put the results of the wireless-info script on pastebin.com because of the question length limitation. So, here it is: http://pastebin.com/2xJ6MYit

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