Is there an MP3 player / manager that supports nested playlists?

For example, for Iron Maiden I would have:

Iron Maiden |- Long Songs |- Short Songs

So playing "Iron Maiden" would play both "Long Songs" and "Short Songs" playlists, but I would still be able to choose just "Short Songs".


Whilst a slightly different approach, Quod Libet has supported features like this for a while now (I am one of the devs). Using its slightly mind-bending search syntax:

~playlists="Iron Maiden"

...would return everything in an Iron Maiden playlist, but:

~playlists=|(Long Songs, Short Songs, Party Favourites)

...would return everything in any of those, and:

&(artist=Iron Maiden,~playlists="Long Songs")

...would return everything by Iron Maiden featuring in the Long Songs playlist, but you could do this automatically by:

&(artist=Iron Maiden, #(length > 300))

...which returns all songs by Iron Maiden over 5 minutes (300 seconds) long. Magic!


Banshee supports nested playlists, including nested smart / dynamic playlists. Unfortunately it is not longer actively maintained. Banshee also supports limiting how many songs are chosen. So you can, for example, have one dynamic playlist that chooses 50 songs of a certain type and another than chooses 200 of another, and the make a playlist that combines them, giving you a 4:1 mix of the two types of songs.

Quod Libet allows allows the search syntax to reference playlists, but you can't reference other searches. Therefore nested smart playlists are not supported, as far as I can tell.

Clementine has not yet implemented nested playlists, unfortunately. They have moved their issue tracking to GitHub. See https://github.com/clementine-player/Clementine/issues/1968

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