Since upgrading to 13.10, I no longer have the 'privileges' to do the following things:

  1. Mount USB/CDROM drives
  2. Run software centre or software updater
  3. Press the GUI shut down or restart buttons
  4. Unlock my account in the 'settings - user accounts' section (padlock is greyed out)

Also, when logging on as a guest user I get error messages relating to Compiz crashing with SIGSEGV and it hangs on a blank wallpaper screen.

However, I still am able to use sudo in the terminal.

Output of 'groups' is

jenchris adm dialout cdrom sudo audio video plugdev lpadmin admin pulse pulse-access sambashare

sudo usermod -U username doesn't have any effect


I believe the GUI apps talk to policykit & consolekit over dbus. There is also a requirement that you login from a 'modern' display manager like lightdm or gdm and not xdm or from a tty (and user startx/xinit). Make sure you have all the relevant policykit & consolekit packages installed and that dbus is running properly.

  • Thanks a lot - this answer was very helpful to me when hitting the same problem after upgrading to 13.10. A simple dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and selecting lightdm as default window manager did the trick for me. – tohuwawohu Jun 10 '14 at 16:39

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